Moving diagnostic frontiers in dermatology

Pioneering molecular tests to advance clinical practice and improve patients’ lives

The demand for precision diagnostics

One third of the population suffers from at least one skin condition¹.

Skin diseases impair patients’ quality of life more drastically than cancer and diabetes²³.

2.63 billion people suffer from at least one skin disease
Biologics and small-molecule inhibitors have created an unprecedented potential for precision medicine. Yet, diagnostics have not kept pace. Dermagnostix offers molecular diagnostic solutions to meet the need for personalized care.

Your point-of-need molecular solution

Groundbreaking translational research meets cutting-edge technology – Dermagnostix provides unique diagnostic tests for unmet clinical needs in dermatology on a fully automated portable laboratory. With PsorX (CE-IVD), Dermagnostix offers the first in-class molecular test for differential diagnosis of psoriasis and eczema.

Simple diagnostic tools for complex skin diseases

Get diagnostic support for challenging skin diseases using our quick and simple system: Sample into LabDisk – LabDisk into Analyzer – Answer out.

Ensuring maximum usability, the user only needs to place the sample into the LabDisk and insert the LabDisk into the Analyzer.


Results are delivered in only 45 min to 2 hours enabling physicians to make timely decisions about their patients’ therapies.


Each LabDisk contains only minimum amounts of reagents and materials due to microfluidics design.


All advantages of centrifugal microfluidics are exploited, enabling reliable, objective and valid results.

Point of need

Timely diagnoses where they are needed: Get objective and valid results anywhere and at any time.

Product of Germany

Our technology is developed, produced and tested in Germany.

Meet the Dermagnostix team

Brilliant minds from dermatology, molecular biology, microfluidics engineering and artificial intelligence have joined forces to help patients suffering from skin diseases and stigmatization get accurate diagnoses to improve their quality of life.

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DX featured at Kompass Dermatologie

Dermagnostix is featured in the journal series ‘Karger Kompass’ aimed at clinicians and specialists in private practice with a focus on young, committed physicians with four specialist target groups of pneumologists, dermatologists, oncologists and ophthalmologists.

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DX featured at Kompass Dermatologie


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