We are an early commercial stage medtech company working to bring fully automated molecular tests to dermatology at the point of need. Dermagnostix’ product pipeline includes molecular tests for disease diagnosis, inflammatory biomarker pattern identification and prediction of treatment response.

Skin health matters for human well-being

Skin diseases are highly relevant and prevalent diseases. One third of the population suffers from at least one skin condition¹ and
incidences of psoriasis², atopic dermatitis³ have doubled during the past decades. Often chronic, un-curable and disfiguring, skin diseases impair patients’ quality of life more drastically than cancer and diabetes⁴

2.63 billion people suffer from at least one skin disease

Novel biologics and small-molecule inhibitors have revolutionized treatment options and significantly fueled dermatology drug size market which – already in 2021 - was valued at more than 26 billion US dollar⁶.  Yet, diagnostics have not kept pace with therapeutic advances creating a huge gap between diagnostics and therapeutics. To fully leverage the potential of modern drugs, objective, molecular diagnostics is urgently needed to complement conventional diagnostics.

Dermagnostix offers molecular diagnostic solutions to close the gap and meet the need for personalized care.

From Science to product – Dermagnostix offers comprehensive molecular diagnostic solutions

Groundbreaking translational research meets cutting-edge technology – We revolutionize the skin diagnostics market to improve patients’ lives and clinical practice.

Dermagnostix provides unique diagnostic tests for unmet clinical needs in dermatology on a fully automated portable laboratory. With PsorX (CE-IVD), Dermagnostix launches the first in-class molecular test for differential diagnosis of psoriasis and eczema.

Upcoming events

  • 06.-07.03.2024: 27. ISDP Joint Meeting, San Diego, USA
  • 23.-25.05.2024: 107. DGP Annual Meeting, Munich, Germany
  • 14.-16.06.2024: 31. ADH Conference, Göttingen, Germany
  • 07.-11.09.2024: 36. European Congress of Pathology, Florence, Italy















Dermagnostix has been officially EN ISO 13485 certified since November 2022.

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Support programme INVEST

Dermagnostix was granted a notice of eligibility by BAFA as part of the INVEST funding measure of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) to support venture capital from private investors for young innovative companies.

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