Point-of-need molecular diagnostics

We take diagnostics to the next level. Our LabDisk tests evaluate skin at the gene level to deliver objective and precise information of patients’ individual molecular signature to guide clinical decision-making.

Automated complex assay performance

Our unique tests are performed in the LabDisk, a single-use cartridge that contains all reagents necessary for assay performance. We compress a complete molecular laboratory onto the LabDisk: All assay steps from sample purification to signal detection are performed in the fully automated LabDisks. Modular assembly of centrifugal microfluidics units allows for flexible adjustments of LabDisks to the requirements of any assay and sample type. Appropriate sample material include skin preserved in FFPE (formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded) and skin from tape strips or sampling disks.

Simple diagnostic tools for complex skin diseases

Get diagnostic support for challenging skin diseases using our quick and simple system: Sample into LabDisk – LabDisk into Analyzer – Answer out.

Ensuring maximum usability, the user only needs to place the sample into the LabDisk and insert the LabDisk into the Analyzer.


Results are delivered in only 45 min to 2 hours enabling physicians to make timely decisions about their patients’ therapies.


Each LabDisk contains only minimum amounts of reagents and materials due to microfluidics design.


All advantages of centrifugal microfluidics are exploited, enabling reliable, objective and valid results.

Point of need

Timely diagnoses where they are needed: Get objective and valid results anywhere and at any time.

Product of Germany

Our technology is developed, produced and tested in Germany.