Our vision

Moving diagnostic frontiers in dermatology.

Our mission

We build leading innovative molecular diagnostic solutions at scale and at point of need for diagnostic laboratories, dermatologists and academic and pharmaceutical research organizations. With our quick, precise and automated tests, we enable skin experts to recommend the best treatments for human skin health.

Company history

Dermagnostix was founded as a spin-off from the Hahn-Schickard Institut in Freiburg, the Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU) and TU München, after decades of top-level research in dermatology, immunology, bioinformatics and microfluidics. We are located in Southern Germany (Freiburg).

Game-changing modern therapies have evolved the treatment of inflammatory disease and skin cancer. Diagnostics have not kept pace with these therapeutic advances. Dermagnostix closes this gap bringing objective molecular results directly to the physician.

CEO and board

Natalie Garzorz-Stark, MD, PhD, MHBA
CEO and Co-Founder
Prof. Kilian Eyerich, MD, PhD

Professor and Chair in Dermatology, Co-founder

Friedrich Hecker

Non-Executive Board Member, Senior Advisor, Startup Investor

Martin Klässner

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor with Software-as-a-Service background in the domains Energy, Medical and Robotics.

Prof. Helmut Laaff, MD

Dermatopathologist, Owner IDPM Freiburg Group, Professor Department Chemistry and Pharmacy University Freiburg.

Prof. Kristian Reich, MD, PhD

Translational Research Inflammatory Skin Diseases, University Medical Center Hamburg; Medical Director JeruCON GmbH

Prof. Roland Zengerle, PhD

Professor for MEMS applications, University of Freiburg; Executive Board member of Hahn-Schickard

Scientific advisors

Prof. Fabian Theis, PhD, PhD

Mathematician, Physicist, Pioneer in Biomedical AI and Machine Learning

Michael Howell, PhD

Immunologist, Biotech Entrepreneur, Translational Science and Biomarker Leader in Oncology, Inflammation and Immunology

Nils Paust, PhD

Microfluidics Engineer, Associate Director of the Hahn-Schickard Institute of Microanalysis Systems

Prof. Stefanie Eyerich, PhD



“With data science, we have the power to turn information into insight, complexity into clarity, and challenges into opportunities.”

Heydar Maboudi Afkham, PhD

Data Science & Machine Learning

"Through save and stable production processes I want to ensure that innovative and high-quality products permanently move Dermagnostix forward."

Carolin Allgeier


"Every single person at Dermagnostix lives quality, which is why we will shape and change the market for good."

Pia Bitsch

Head of QM/RA and PRRC

Sarah Dion, MBA

Chief Strategy Officer

"Our products are the results of many years of scientific work in the fields of dermatological research and innovative microfluidic technologies."

Katharina Dormanns, PhD

Head of Marketing and Co-Founder

"The most challenging task at Dermagnostix for me was to come up with a smart quote - and it still sounds pathetic…"

Martin Enderl

Supply Chain Management

"Dermatology urgently needs objective and feasible molecular diagnostics to enable precision medicine for our patients."

Natalie Garzorz-Stark, MD, PhD, MHBA

CEO and Co-Founder

"Developing diagnostic products means improving patients' lives as treatments can be selected precisely. This is what motivates me and makes me happy to be part of the team."

Sophia Gmoser

Research and Development

"Innovative strength and user-friendly products are the focus at Dermagnostix. Bringing together technical possibilities and customer needs is our daily challenge."

Larissa Graner

Research and Development

"I love the ideas behind our products: At Dermagnostix, development really means to make success visible and to create value for the patients."

Verena Hackert

Research and Development

"Working in a visionary team inspires me to contribute my best to keep Dermagnostix thriving."

Alena Kutschera

Assistance to the Management

"Dermagnostix makes me feel good in my skin."

Anke Liedek

Research and Development

"High quality in production is what brings visions to life. And that's what drives me at Dermagnostix."

Martin Meyer

Head of Production, SCM & QA

"I am proud to be part of Dermagnostix to help patients suffering from skin diseases receive accurate diagnoses and treatment."

Isabelle Meyer-Garzorz, PhD


Julian Rüdiger

Research and Development

"The interdisciplinary team provides the expertise to bring together platform, assay and microfluidic test cartridge."

Franziska Schlenker, PhD

Head of Research and Development

“The combination of molecular diagnostics with modern microfluidic technology is an area with a strong future. Dermagnostix continues to grow this area and I like to be a part of it.“

Adrian Seegis

Research and Development

"Good work makes you feel good, especially good work makes you feel especially good. Success is inseparably connected with a feeling of satisfaction."

Jürgen Steffi


"Systems integration combines all modern disciplines of life science, microsystems technologies and engineering for the product development of Dermagnostix."

Lucca Weber

Head of Research and Development

Dermagnostix, a spin-off company of


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Since November 2022 Dermagnostix is officially EN ISO 13485 certified

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