March 18, 2024

Dermagnostix expands US business development by Eureka Innowwide funding and acceptance into German Accelerator

By participating in several conferences and trade shows in the US - most recently at the ISDP meeting in San Diego - Dermagnostix has already been able to show that the interest in PsorX is high and the feedback is consistently positive. In 2024, the focus will shift even more to business development in the USA. The acceptance into the German Accelerator Program and the funding from Eureka Innowwide provide an ideal basis for this.

The German Accelerator supports German start-ups in their global expansion through customized programs, intensive expert mentoring and access to an extensive network of experts. Dermagnostix was able to prevail against numerous competitors and now has an exciting and intensive year ahead of it.

New opportunities in the US market have also opened up thanks to funding from Eureka Innowwide. The EU-funded project is financing a feasibility study of PsorX for Dermagnostix in collaboration with a laboratory in the US. The study will be an important step on the way to entering the US market and will provide important data for further development of PsorX.

Both the acceptance into the German Accelerator and the Innowwide funding once again demonstrate the high relevance of the development of new molecular diagnostic methods in dermatology.