June 13, 2024

Dermagnostix GmbH announces product launch of PsorX®-LabDisk (CE-IVD) after successful pilot customer phase

Dermagnostix announces the official launch of the PsorX®-LabDisk. After the market entry with CE-IVD certification in 2022 and a following successful pilot customer phase, the innovative molecular test for the differential diagnosis of psoriasis and eczema was officially launched in June 2024.

The Dermagnostix system consisting of the LabDisk-Analyzer, LabDisk and the Connectivity Solution marks an important advance for the diagnosis of inflammatory skin diseases. The introduction of molecular diagnostics for dermatological issues enables a fast and precise diagnosis as well as an efficient treatment of skin diseases – and is an important step towards personalized medicine.

PsorX®-LabDisk (CE-IVD) is the world's first molecular test for the differential diagnosis of psoriasis and eczema and is intended to be used as an add-on for ambiguous cases in dermatopathology laboratories. The PCR-based test is processed fully automated within two hours in the LabDisk-Analyzer and requires minimal handling time. The pilot customer phase allowed Dermagnostix a close exchange with the lab users, which in turn enabled direct transfer into the further development of the product.

"With the Dermagnostix system, we are proud to be the first to expand  the sample-to-answer diagnostic options for inflammatory skin diseases to the molecular level, thus enabling patients with an ambiguous clinical picture to receive an objective diagnosis", said Dr. Natalie Garzorz-Stark, Dermagnostix CEO and co-founder. "The successful pilot customer phase has shown that the PsorX®-LabDisk can make a significant contribution to improving diagnostic options."

The official product launch of PsorX®-LabDisk marks an important milestone for Dermagnostix and is the result of years of research and development as well as close collaboration with leading experts in the field of dermatology and microfluidics.